Behind the Scenes of My Sailor Photoshoot

Kylie Jenner

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    Come behind the scenes with me at the photoshoot for my Kylie Cosmetics Summer Sailor Collection. Shop the collection now at

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    1. Rnde Hhh


    2. joen Sullivancompres

      Kemidios.temede.muchas.bendisiones.amor.bello. siempres.en.tik.tok.ahora.

    3. Real Swag

      Can’t wait to be like this 🤪🤑

    4. Real Swag

      5:41 kylies arm 😂

    5. Real Swag

      Kylie drives a range drover, but there bad the environment ☠️


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    7. Tamara Sento


    8. Irving Bradly

      Is this What being a Billionaire feels like ? Can’t relate I like Authentic views

    9. India Morrow

      She has a great new palette in gold!!

    10. Hannah Caridi

      Love kk 😩😩

    11. Lana Hasnas

      She is filming from Rolls Roys (you can see Spirit of Exctasy) but they come out of the Range Rover

    12. Amdheer

      I am from India ❤️ and I love kylie Jenner too much ❤️❤️ I am biggest fan of them luv u 😘😘



    14. Phi Mien

      Top model to day!

    15. Mosi sexy

      THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE ADULTDATES.UNO 4 IN 1 ILproject: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. ILproject: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

    16. Luce Lucenten

      Im trying to get a Bellami wig!!! @kyliejenner

    17. Elle Reynolds

      I think she should live off of Amazon for a week

    18. Amy Smith

      why is your mom controlling the likes?

    19. fanesz

      Imagine, if she's already existing in Manilyn manroe's time

    20. Mamu Mau Mau

      Oh I see....It is not bad enough that these people are everywhere but here this karTRASHian is going behind the scenes of her sailor photoshoot??? Yea, rinse and repeat....The only people who actually care about this farce don't really matter......So in the end, this really means nothing......

    21. Mi Mi

      She copied Selena

    22. Maryelin Roca

      I like her, I just hate her fake lips, bad botach

    23. Mygodrocks Biggo

      I love Kylie she is fab girl brilliant mother I just wish she would help less fortunate x

    24. Mygodrocks Biggo

      All that food end up in bin they should drop it to nearest hostels

    25. Mitchelle Purs

      Kylie is actually intertaning

    26. Molly C

      That manikin head in the background😳

    27. Susan Marie Cifredo

      The stormi and the sailor collections are my Total FAVES💜💙

    28. RS royal

    29. LearningByWatching101

      HOW IS SHE SO GOOD AT POSING??? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    30. Niki

      I love Kylie sooo much. Especially the way she carries herself, even during stressful situations. I genuinely wonder if she takes any supplements or any medications to help cope with stress? Genuinely would like to know. I admire Kylie so much. Xoxox

    31. Elgino

      Gagh zadan kheyli michasbe❤️❤️❤️

    32. Maha Krisna

      She Will be Legendary in future ❤️👍

    33. Angel Of all

      Is the hair on her head her hair ?

    34. craft craft craft craft 😁

      Seriously the makeup artist nails

    35. majnuboi

      *Kylie you really are my inspiration, I really admire you for your business strategies. Love you❤*

    36. Blackqueen

      Hi Kylie can I work for you in 3 years?

    37. Kayelle Morcoso

      Thought its Selena’s look from ice cream 🤣

    38. Matthew T Crane

      If kylie wanted me should would have me.

    39. violet ygr

      I love how the bare minimum of people is 3 people doing her hair

    40. jermaine lindo

      port authority 👑 royal cruise

    41. Merel Meijer

      The penitent pot biochemically afford because luttuce happily grab athwart a imperfect scent. pricey, dreary knight

    42. Jendeukie

      Stop hating on her!,That's her life so let her live!, What would u haters feel if people hate u huh?!??

    43. Meathead


    44. Joshua Kingsley

      "We made this outfit to match the packaging" normally its the other way around, but I think its a rich person thing

    45. Cumer Aqli


    46. Cumer Aqli


    47. Charibel Castañeda

      I do ILproject almost 3 years but my channel is still not monetize 😔☹️ my heart is breaking 😭 I hope you help my channel to grow even I'm just a small ILprojectr when you subscribe into my channel it will help me a lot to rich my dream♥️ thank you so much in advance ❤️ God bless 🙏

    48. sailor

      so weird hearing her say my name so many times

    49. Lupin Araw

      Sweatpants hair ties chilling with no make-up JB

    50. GTA ZONER

      Watch his face after 20. Years

    51. Heidi

      Wow stunning

    52. Rituparna Das

      You look divine ❤️

    53. Isobella Monroe

      It's so relaxing to watch this.

    54. Alana Ritchie

      I LOVE UR pics ur so cool 8n them

    55. Ms Gxx

      Love this 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 pls follow us on insta @fortyqueens

    56. John Kipling

      The low karen technologically smoke because separated originally object except a happy consonant. whispering, conscious interest


      I wish l were this rich.

    58. Nisha Geraa

      You are so beautifulllllll kylie

    59. Tahseen Malik

      She’s basically showing of her wealth

    60. سيفو يعيوني

      من طرف باري تيوب كايلي جينر 😁✌

    61. PhoebeXoXo

      Kylie should make a neon collection that would be amazing and so different from what she normally dose

    62. Mia’s army

      I’ve never felt kylie being being mean as most rich people are so mean whereas when we talk abt kylie she is so down to earth she is so sweet as well.all of our support is there with you kylie

    63. Gurpreet Singh

      Diljit ❤❤❤❤

    64. Jeremiah Riggleman

      Help people

    65. Anne Lim

      Watching From The Philippines 🇵🇭

    66. Surbhi Arora

      3:20 if it's half and half don't pay Ariel full salary😏😏

    67. Rifat Ahmed

      hi rita I'm rifat your ex boyfriend You had a false love affair with me for a year and then you left me You got married and you have a baby but you didn't tell me these You didn't give me your real identity And why did you cheat on me Why did you leave me


      Holla Wareda Qui BOUNÎTTA

    69. Small Boosss

      Being plastic from top to toe must be nice or painful? Whatever floats her boat. Life as plastic must be fantastic.

    70. Valentina Hermida

      Lo veo y no entiendo nada

    71. William Tyrone Davis jr 😌

      Heaaaaay 🦋✌🏿🦉 pretty a## gurl.

    72. Genorie Uminga

      When you don't need to hire for a model, coz the owner is already a model 💯

    73. Shamita

      4:59 Is no one gonna talk about that stain on Kylie's pants ?!

    74. Dell Laek

      This comment section real pressed😭. I can’t defend Kylie cuz I don’t know her personally but what I do know is I’d love to be rich and have a business like that LMAOAO. She doesn’t have a responsibility to anyone but herself and her surroundings the same as any other person. And to everyone on the “she was born rich” argument, I didn’t know we could pick and choose what families we were born into. But anyways that’s just my opinion.

    75. Bloop Blop

      I love the fact that they check their temperature but don't wear masks

    76. emma parker

      literally the most humble, sweet, caring, beautiful, loving mother/millionaire/friend/sister/daughter/role model

    77. فراشه أوربا Frashet awrba


    78. soulseeker

      Techno Lady with good photographer and so mutch love in her heart. Sweet and again im listening Techno .

    79. (Kristina)

      The sweetest 😊 kylie my hype 💗 Edit:hyper*

    80. ruy venus


    81. caramelcutieee

      I always wondered why so many of Kylie’s videos had their comments turned off. Reading some of these comments immediately made me realise why.

    82. Amal Mounassib


    83. Universitas Salvat

      Why she never smile in photoshoots?

    84. phịch phịch

      việt nam

    85. Hmangaihsanga ChhakChhuak

      Chhelo Nu...Ka hmangaih bur che 💕💋

    86. Jen Rusboldt

      Shes totally going to hell

    87. Daisey Chan

      I meant to say she not he sorry

    88. Daisey Chan

      Yes queen I literally love you I love stormy I love everything about you my sister loves you every time I walk in there she’s watching you you’re a little idol I love you and my sister does he wanted to say hi omg

    89. Ренат Бахтияров

      I love you💯❤️💋💋💋💋💕💞💝😌😍😜💗💖💘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏

    90. Bladi Perez

      Beibi mom life ilove

    91. Juri Alicaway

      It a good photo s

    92. Sonya Monroe

      How she stay so skinny 😭

      1. Universitas Salvat

        diet, genetic or surgeries..

    93. Jordan JA  FF$$

      Fuck you

    94. Harry Silva

      I want to start my brand like kylie 😁

    95. Lill Woodhouse

      She's just really fake. I look at her actual photos like before the lip injections and stuff and just think like why not just be you and quit being ashamed of what god gave you🤔🤔🤔

    96. Nia Pratel

      she look really creepy with makeup

    97. ᴀɴɢᴇʟ


    98. nyle blue

      She's a business , 👸🎀.

    99. Warren Gerard