Kylie Jenner: Christmas Cookies With Stormi

Kylie Jenner

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    Stormi and I are making cookies for Santa to leave out on Christmas Eve. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

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      Stormi pinter ya masih kecil bisa b.ingg🗿

    2. LaStarDelWeb

    3. Sophia Briones

      Hello🌹 how are you 🌹

      1. Konijntjes zijn Lief


    4. VIBEZX

      I’m not a big fan of the kardashians/Jenners, But I really love how Kylie treats her as she should

    5. sebastian cantoran

      @CiproShow creo que puedes hacer un doblaje ya me imagino como saldria JJJJJJJAAAAAA

    6. Paola Cortes

      No emyoendo

    7. Always with you

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    8. RM

      Awwwww 🤍💝💚

    9. Maria Melhem

      Kylie is such a good mom! 🤩

    10. Valitha Salgado

      😗😗😗😘😘😘 las amo

    11. Arianaxgrandexbutera

      1:00 my heart is melting

    12. Alexander

      Hey Hey adootame please 😭🙏🏻

    13. Feby Afrellia

      Teteh kylie cakep pisan

    14. ARMY BLINK

      So cute 😍😍🇦🇲

    15. Gayatri Convent school Baran

      I love Kylie's hair soo much 😍😍😍

    16. Admirable Mill

      i love how when stormi spilled the vanilla, kylie is just like “oh no!” and doesn’t yell at her

    17. Ellanor Smith

      Can I have 1000 dollars lol

    18. it's maddie

      Girl you so sWaG😎

    19. ilham ilham

      kylie is such a good mom. she's so sweet! ❤️❤️

    20. Tuğba Kırlıoğlu

      Seyma subası burdan esinlenmis tam ozenti bu kadin

    21. Norisa Saboori

      stormie is so cute

    22. Lorie Valmadrid

      Spoildest mom in the world

      1. Chamodhi Weerathunga

        Just because she spend money on her daughter, doesnt mean she's spoiling Stormy. You can watch Stormy's videos on youtube. Stormy is well mannered.

    23. Beeybi Şarkdüdürüğ

      Saçlara bak ya 😔

    24. Shaza Nusrath

      Aaawh🥰 stormy is sooo cute when I showed my mum this video she told me that I was also a cute baby when I was little

    25. chandima senevi

      My mom is the best. But definitely the second place goes to kylie. Stormi is lucky to have a loving mother . She is not spoiled . Kylie is a great mom. ❤️

    26. Giovanna LeninI

      OMG! Stormi is so cute! Kylie and Stormi are verry good chefs! I love they!

    27. aila

      Your girl is sooooooo cute🥺omg🥺💖

    28. Dream_girl

      Omg is so cute

    29. Isabel Rojas

      Stormi 🌻

    30. Champ Editz

      Stormi is so cute and kylie is an amazing mom

    31. M A N A S H


    32. Kenia Perdomo

      Isvqobbsjwp. Wivsfwobw concreta

    33. Divjot Chumber

      She is so cute you are a good mom and stay like that

    34. dunkin charli

      Heyy kylie💗💗

    35. Byanka Veronez Ferreira

      meta de vida: ser uma mãe como a Kylie

    36. Sera Osman

      stormi hates u ngl lmao

    37. Tanvi Vats

      And was I the only one who started responding 6 months old 🤣 I'm libra right 😂😂

      1. vanilla.


    38. aninhaaaaaaaa

      Alguem do Brasil aqui?

    39. Adriana Rossi

      Не заводите детей, если вы не можете обеспечить ему такое детство

    40. tusia tusia


    41. Emanuel

      Kylie is such a great mom and she she loves her beautiful daughter so much.

    42. amYyamamot0

      1:59 oh noo🥺

    43. THE SUGAR

      Omg stormi is so adorable

    44. GamergirlOMG Unicorn

      I feel like Kylie gets hate for being a bad mom but I think she is a Great mom

    45. karen marlotte ortiz villa


    46. Camila Elizabet Torres Garcia

      How beautiful stormi looks❤

    47. Marwa Andouh

      I love Cristmas how are you

    48. Nathaly Luiza

      Sou a única BR aqui?

    49. Silly Penguin

      Kylie is an amazing mom! Stormi is such a well behaved little angel😊

    50. Sarai 88


    51. ma rora

      يا كايلي المرة الجاية كي تكوني حا طيبي حكمي شعرك طوماطيشة و ديري فونارة هكا باه ما يطيحلكش فالماكلة راه ناس تعيف و هذ الشي عيب ختي كايلي

      1. ma rora

        @Za6 Al.j ههه صحيح 😂

      2. Za6 Al.j

        ما متأكده شنو قلتي بس اعتقد قلتي لمي شعرك حتى ما يطيح في الاكل؟ و نعم النصيحه😂😂

    52. Denislava Petkova

      The thing i love most is that how she talks to Stormi to make her learn more words and gives her attention❤️

    53. Mayra Maldonado



      OMG! you're so cuuuuuute

    55. Ndeye sokhna Faye

      Who came here after seeing her post on Instagram? Second baby is coming🥳🥳

    56. Ntokozo Molekoa

      Who is here after kylie announced her second pregnancy❤❤❤hopefully she will do other Christmas cookies with the Liittle baby and stormi❤❤❤😩😩😩

    57. Yssa Amel

      is so cute

    58. Alex Tileva

      Awww Kylie and storm are the cutest! ❤️❤️❤️

    59. Fe_yo

      *Stormi gonna be an older sister soon*

    60. Joe Biden Plus Prevegen

      So cute

      1. Joe Biden Plus Prevegen


    61. Mitchell (Celebrities Scoop)


    62. Mercedes Lazard

      What a cutie, smiling and be a happy baby

    63. Las travesuras de Paula y Yasuri Ramirez

      Stromi it is very cute and beautiful at the same time 🥺💕

    64. kamlia jackson

      0:58 the way ky smiled when she seen storm smile motherly love awww

    65. Happy okti

      aku si pede ndelok dahal raroh artine

    66. Shatakshi Srivastava

      Stormi was so well behaved even though she was just 1yo, she didn't disturbed while the whole baking at all bcs I have seen kids messing around instead. Kylie is such a nice mother who can give her time after working for hours.

    67. Afreen Siddiqui

    68. Maria Teresa

      Beautiful and incredible person .❤

    69. Rifka Nurliana

      Good mom and smart 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    70. Fran Gasparetti

      stormi is so cute!

    71. Elvira igmi Fathonah

      Stormi so cute, Kylie suaranya lembut banget huhu ❤️

    72. Swati Jain

      Kylie be like preeetttttttttttyyyyyyyyy

    73. Llamas4Life!🦙🍍

      1:17 SO ADORBS. Stormi is so freakin cute!

    74. Blessy Raj

      All silicone implants

    75. sofia's town

      shes such a warm hearted mom, she cares for stormy and stormy is so understanding for her age!

    76. John DeNardo

      I can’t 😍😍😍😍

    77. swiftie

      Animals starts with “K” 1. Kylie Jenner 2. Kanye west 3. Karlie kloss 4.Kim Kardashian-West

      1. Layla Ramirez

        That’s just rude and you show what kind of person you are

    78. Эвелина Осипова

      Stormy is sooo shy☺️. That’s what make her really cute 🥰. And I’m absolutely sure that Kylie is a perfect mom💗!

    79. SONDHI

      Sooo cute


      Kylie u r great like I have seen this video 1000 times in this month and like I love it and u know what you are a real mom like the vanilla did not overflow in the spoon and stormi was also in your hand

    81. Oliva_fp


    82. Tamara Sento


    83. Stanl nano

      I love you Stormi

    84. 𝘾𝙪𝙩𝙚 𝙠𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙨

      She is so sweet in talking to each others but the work she is doing and her dressing sense are 🤮

    85. Danizinnnn

      You can see the love her for Stormi. Stormi is so cute.

    86. Anya Sahni

      This is so adorable y d ppl saying she’s a bad mom

    87. Maatoug Nadine

      stormi is so cute

    88. paynoscookie 💛👶

      Them pj's look so comfy 😭

    89. Sherine Chaabane

      Y love you 🥰🥰🥰😘😘

    90. Sıla Özdemir

      Owwww... So cute 💖💖

    91. •Kiara Cuties•

      Stormi is just too cute

    92. Andrea Sánchez López

      Eres mi inspiración

    93. luz 3412

      1:59 omg stormy hahah what cutes

    94. Fabiana

      Kylie and stormi my religion🛐

    95. fire and sugar

      She's so cute 💖💙

    96. eshub

      Owww So cuteee ❤️❤️❤️

    97. toca strawberrys

      Kyliejenner I love you so much

    98. Saniya shabnam

      kylie is not A bad mom at All. Now i understand kylie is sweetest mom I ever seen ❤ stormi is so lucky :)

    99. Everything.

      I can't believe she's carrying stormi while doing the cookies.And I love how kylie calls her storm.