Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi

Kylie Jenner

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    Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

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    1. kiss_my_Controller_aim

      She is sofort cuteee

    2. thicccii xo

      stormi spilt the vanilla in last video & now kylie haha so cute

    3. Anna

      I love how kids cant fake their emotion at that of a young age like if they did not have a bond or stormi did not feel comfortable it would clearly show on her face and body language. But she seems happy and comfortable so I’m really proud of Kylie, since she is such a young mom aswell!

    4. Huyền trâm anh Lê

      Stormi is so cute🍭🍭🍭🍭

    5. Rebecca Raad

      The way Stormi said get me a towel was the cutest

    6. Daira Vanesa 1B

      what a beautiful storm is very beautiful

    7. Bob Ejike

      When stormi said "peace out camera" that was so cute😊😊

    8. Park Boo

      Omg ily both tm

    9. virangna

      Kylie and stromi making cookies 20 million people interested..

    10. Odinakhon Akbarova

      Soon cute

    11. Marwa Andouh

      I love halloween and stormi

      1. Marwa Andouh

        Jes i love you for ever ❤❤❤❤💖💖👧👧

    12. Mariel Felipe

      Last time he spilled the vanilla extract was stormy now it was Kylie

    13. Always with you

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    14. The free fire dragon

      She is so cute aww

    15. Pat Rudderow

      R u egg cited lol

    16. Zəhra Rəsulzadə

      Ur too cutee 😭❤️

    17. Indian side of Tiktok

      It’s official stormie is the cutest baby on ILproject 😩😩😍😍

    18. L3ann3


    19. Xì TTrum Thúi 🍓❤️

      I love u too ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    20. Isabella Ab

      OML I can't believe I was born the same day as Stormi! Just that different year ofc


      Stormy us beitiful ❤️

    22. Daria S.

      Stormi is so cuttttteeee. 😊

    23. Chick-fil-A And McDonald's are the best

      Stormi NEEDS a channel (sorry if I didn’t spell her name right

    24. Keylani Infante💎🎀

      Towel please she so cute✨✨

    25. Susana Derkosrofian

      Stormi is like like the cutest thing everrrrr

    26. Jennifer Eddy

      I’m not allergic to eggs!

    27. Jennifer Eddy

      Is that Parliament in the background?

    28. Jennifer Eddy

      I can make all the teacher noises! Whomp, whomp! Taco Math! Sgts time Soul Food!

    29. Fans de jukilop.

      Ilove you stormi

    30. Marianaa_ • Cadelinha do FN🦉💗

      I watched this video a million times, I can't with stormi 🥺🥺💗

    31. Babiwaifu

      peace out camera

    32. Susana Berroa Ozuna

      A like for Stormi ❤️

    33. Lavinia

      "yes mommy💕" so cute

    34. George Pogacianu

      Stormi is so cute💕

    35. Isa soares


    36. Nayane Maria

      So cute 😍😍

    37. Estrella González ❤

      Quien ma siendo este video y adivinado lo q. Disrn jajq

    38. Xuân Võ

      stormi so cuteee

    39. Nandi

      okay so is Kylie trying to make me have a kid orrrr

    40. M A N A S H


    41. That Lyric queen

      This is why kylies my fav ❤️

    42. Huz ahm

      kiyle your a very nice and kind mum

    43. Wiktoria Saczała

      Polska nie dotarła xddd

    44. Claudia Magossi

      Hello Kylie. Hello Stormi

    45. Helin polat

      I’m literally dying omgg stormi is so freaking cuteeee 😩



    47. Autumn Mcdowell

      She such a good mom and I can’t wait see her new little one when it’s born

      1. Arlene Fernandez

        imagine the new baby will be named sunny so it will be sunny and stormi

    48. Rosie pups


    49. palola bwanandeke

      SO CUTE 😍😍🥰🥰💕💓💞💗💖❤💌💟😻

    50. Juliana Mora Carrero

      I love estormy and she is beautiful, she is so cute 💕🎡

    51. Belen Hidalgo

      adop me please

    52. BLİMY A

      Çok tatlılar yaa

    53. Ch the VIP Be Strong

      🥰 soooo cute

    54. Gabbi B.

      She’s so cute she wants to be just like you💖

    55. Tzihualtenzint Hernandez Ortiz

      alguien que able spanis plis🤔🤔🤔😅😂

    56. lauren vega-cruz

      I'm so excited for stormie to be a big sis!

    57. Shagufta Hussain

      The way Kylie freaked. Omg u cleaning. She gt puzzled😆😆

    58. maram ali

      SHES SO CUTEEEEE :sob:

    59. Sarah afridajuli

      you really are a good mother 😊

    60. Elda Solomon

      I wish she was my mom

    61. Dipisha Dipisha


    62. Nicole Hernandez G.

      7:02 makes me laugh so my

    63. Uma coisa eu vou te dizer

      A Stormi é muito lindaaa genteee a titia amaaa muito💖💖💖

    64. Uma coisa eu vou te dizer

      A Stormi se parece muito com a Kilie, mas o jeito é da avó

    65. Gabriely De Deus Fernandes

      A Stormi super fofinha😍😍

    66. XxWhiteGliterxX

      "I need towel, please" that is sooo cute

    67. Rudelis cabrera

      I love you Kylie very much 😁😁 and Stormi

    68. Manya Verma

      i wanna be a good mum just like kylie and i want a cute and lovely daughter just like stormi ❤

    69. Sunny Blaze 🦇



      How beautiful they both adore them

    71. ғιonaaннн

      Maybe for next year's halloween stormi and her new sibling can make more cookies 🎃 🍪

    72. iAmNickyjAmz

      I think we can All Agree! #Tyga “F’kd Up!” Having A Good Stable! Independent! Good Vibration! Good Mother! Like Kylie!

    73. Isnur toyibah

      Stromi's so cute ♥️ Salam from Indonesia stromi and Kylie🤗

    74. Sarah Connor

      Omg so adorable

    75. Roman Sotelo

      I love Kylies hair

    76. Grazely Brook TV

    77. Leonis Zajmi

      stormi: whooo is so cuteeeeee

    78. Enoir Isabel De Sousa Isabel


    79. Patricia Cruz

      you have a beautiful baby you have

    80. Patricia Cruz

      Que hermosa bebe tienes

    81. anggi prtwi

      gak nyangka masih kecil udah pinter bahasa inggirs 😭😂

    82. Zehra Rzazade


    83. Dunkin Melixx

      Nobody: Kylie: WoAh

    84. sensiz67

      Greetings from Azerbaijan Kylie🇦🇿❤

    85. Ana clara fernandes


    86. Vlotion lucas

      Stormi is so cute!!!!

    87. AlySway


    88. Livxyh h

      I love how much she supports her daughter. She loves her so much.

    89. Nafisa Thoharoh NEW

      1:53 Stormi : what happened mom?😰 Kylie : I made mistakes 🙂 Stormi : oh okay😄 in Christmas cookies episode (Stormi spilled the vanilla bottle) Kylie : Oh my Godness Stormi!! 😡😤 Stormi : 😮

    90. Vanesa Monzon

      Hi belleza's i love You kalie jeneer🙌👑

    91. Eli B

      "Oh that's cute mommy!" OMG THE SWEETEST

    92. aldi taher

      cutie baby💞

    93. Rat roach


    94. Tonitoniozua

      I wish i was the cookie

    95. Charles Mpofu

      I wish l was your child

    96. alice masha

      That "peace out camera " makes my heart wanna melt

    97. Shine with Navya

      Kylie is THE MOST patient mom in this worldddd!!!❤️

    98. Extra Free Time


      1. Karen '


    99. Me

      We're absolutely waiting for another Cookies with Stormi 2021 edition

    100. Rhean Christine Mendoza

      Stormi is so beautiful😍