Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

Kylie Jenner

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    In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!

    Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

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    1. Tracy Stokes

      I love me some Ms. Stormi! She is so cute!

    2. Jihun Park

      I like the way she said Thank You that so cute

    3. Keonna

      Culture appropriation

    4. Hussain Sameer

      that cute cherryaww

    5. Angel Laura

      Hi youtube we are back with stormi and Kylie

    6. Sopon Kruaykitanon


    7. ♡Aly It's Bunny♡

      Wow Kylie and Stormi is Good

    8. ~•More Brown Schnapp•~

      2:36 thanks u mommy✨

    9. atsise gavidia

      La nena es hermosa Lindos momentos entre madre hija se ve muy amorosa de Mamá 🌷

    10. Maria jose Izquierdo

      so pretty 🧁❤

    11. Snowygurl G

      "You got this mommy" stormi is so sweet! 🥺❤

    12. DinoNuggieSquad :P

      Stormi: Kind , polite , beautiful Me: TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS

    13. Beautiful Skybee

      Dera wird cover alles gezeigt und vorbereitet i wett mit euch


      Gua indo sendiri 🤨

    15. Tooba Aslam

      She is soo innocent kylie say say bye to that camera she say bye that camera 🥺🥺🥺💖

    16. Coffee cafe

      Kylie is a great mother! And when stormi say mommy melts my heart i am like “awe”

    17. Sevgi 2002


    18. Laughing with Labiba

      How its melt my heart🤍❣️🌺

    19. Natalie

      It's soooooo cute🥰

    20. Xì TTrum Thúi 🍓❤️

      I Love u Kylie Jenner and your dauther ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    21. Greis Radaj

      Storimi is so cute

    22. Crazy Girl

      stormi has better manors than me 😂. kylie you did a great job on showing her how to have manors. your an amazing mom

    23. soul wolf

      Everyone has started hating on the Kardashians and Kylie lately but they are changing and kylie is like the best of the bunch she loves her children and is such a good mom

    24. Keorra Washington

      Awww stormi cuteness overload 💘💓💓

    25. AfterSnow's

      Masih kecil jago bahasa inggris😀

    26. Lena Raki

      I reckon stormi is the only grandchild in the kardashian Jenner clan who is well mannered and doesn’t act like a wild child or isn’t so hard to deal with… she’s so cute tho

    27. Beyza Seçici

      Ya stormi yicem seniii

    28. Leilani

      Omg! Stormy Is So cute And Sweet And Beautiful 🥰🥺💖

    29. Armağan Kaycı

      Stormi is so beautiful and sweet✨

    30. Nikki M

      Aw she's so cute lol

    31. Guadalupe Jaramillo


    32. Aasia Abal

      Stormi is so cute ♥️


      Oi quem é brasileiro é cai nesse canal de para-quedas

    34. Dream_girl

      Is so cute

    35. Maryam Khan

      Stormi is such a nice child ❤️❤️... Keylie is best mom

    36. isa carol

      delight stormi you rock 

    37. katherin

      so cute omg

    38. Kennedie Loiacano

      Y’all are so cute

    39. AYYAN KHAN

      storm YOU GOT THIS MOMMY

    40. vensoul

      lol yeah we have the right to hate someone but, why kylie? lol she's pretty and look, a best mommy for stormi so cute

    41. Elvi Meriño herrera

      Stromi l love

    42. parque haras realeza

      oh my god stomi is so cute i love this family stomi should create a ILproject channel

    43. Sooo JazE

      I’m your biggest fan I love you and can you shout out me pls

    44. KIRAN B

      God bless you more beauty and richness ...

    45. Sabrina Crowley

      Stormi needs her own channel bc I can’t get enough

    46. luvisoo_


    47. Maddie

      Stormi: I love you so much mommy. Thank you mommy. Your welcome.

    48. jennie

      Stormi is too cute

    49. a day in a life of shaylee and chip

      Stormi is so cuteee

    50. Magdalena Gutiérrez

      How rich, do they save me one

    51. kreia

      This is too wholesome

    52. Dalalxiii

      I literally learned how to make cupcakes and cookies from her

    53. Taisha's Creations

      Hi Kylie how are you and stromi I love your office and you I want to meet you but I am in india

    54. Babyle Batt

      Stormi is such a cutie pie 😍😍

    55. Tatlı arkadaşlar kar ve yıldız

      Soo cutee

    56. Lena Kurniawati

      stormiiii main yukkk

    57. Celeste Cardenas

      Yo no ingis🙅‍♀️

    58. Iris Montoya


    59. Toca luna

      Alguien que hable spanish please



    60. Mitchell (Celebrities Scoop)


    61. خالد العنزي

      وشي المقادير ماهي مكتوبة تحت الفيديو >>وليست التعليقات....😓

    62. خالد العنزي

      ابي مثلها بجامة🍒🍒🍒🍒

    63. Floral Clouds

      Kylie is the best mom ever I wish I had that mom!

    64. ғιonaaннн

      Anyone here after kylie announced her second pregnancy?

    65. B K

      God bless this family❤

    66. Suparno Yeye

      Fans kylie , from indonesia✌💖

    67. Patsy Alcala

      When are we getting another video of Kylie and stormieeeeee 😭

    68. Daisy Condes

      "thank you mommy ☺️" she is so polite 🥺♥️

    69. 1Negar Khordimaghi

      Stormi for life 🤗✨

    70. Rameshry Gandhi

      How can't wait to see kylie as a mommy again🤰🏼🥺❤️

    71. Eda Yugiki

      Kylie confirms pregnancy!

    72. mahi m

      Stormi is such a cute and Good girl

    73. Alexis cruz

      I can't rn stormi is to cuteeeee 💕💕💕


      Kylie is a good mom 🥺 I can’t help it 😘 Loveyou Stormi 😘😘😘

    75. Amy x.

      When I say thank you to my mom she tells me I'm your mom don't be so formal lmao😭

    76. Coconut

      stormi is so cute I have no words! She’s a toddler and she still has the best manners ever and always tells Kylie she loves her and that she’s beautiful they are both so beautiful 🤩

    77. Siska Sapitri

      So cute stormi🥺😍

    78. Andrea

      I do not understand why they throw so much hate at Kylie and Stormi if they are so cutes I really like Stormi and Kylie is very sweet when talking I love them very much do not pay attention to hate they are just envy

    79. Areli 353

      Que lindaaa STORMII

    80. knk4ever83

      Love her or hate her.. Kylie is a good mommy..

    81. Anima Debbarma

      Stormi is so cute ❤️🦄

    82. hrittika senapati

      'Bye that camera'...she is so precious 💗💗💗

    83. Rifka Nurliana

      Super model ❤️👍🏻

    84. Andrea Grueso

      Pero no tengo nada ni dinero te amamos stormy y kaily Jenny sus quiero tener todo de stormy pero no tengo 😔😕😭

    85. Andrea Grueso

      Me gustaría ser stormi

      1. Citlaly Robredo

        Smn a quien no TnT

    86. Varinia Jacome


    87. Varinia Jacome

      Hi love You Miley e stormii

    88. Leyah Sylvester

      Can you please make a dessert for Christmas with stormi for the fam? Can u like da comment if u see this ? 😊

    89. Julie Adebitha

      She so cutee😩❤️

    90. maritza vasquez

      hello it's my first time watching your videos💖💖💫 hola es mi primera ves viendo tus videos💖💖💫

    91. Sabahat Afreen

      Beautiful daughter of prettiest lady💞💞love from Pakistan 🤗

    92. Belén y sus videos

      Omg que linda la stormi 😃

    93. Gabrielle Fernandes

      She's so cute 😍

    94. Kinanti Ayudia

      Stormi so cute

    95. Гульнур Журабекова


    96. dndsyhrna

      Ke sni gegara tiktok:v

    97. Tae Renee

      Nothing like a mommy and daughter relationship

    98. Nabilla Aritonang

      Gw liat stromi kaya anak jawa lucu bed

    99. NettieMussyMa Faustin

      Hello 👋 y Jay

    100. nicole Pedraza Gaviria

      Q linda stormi 🥰🥰🥰😍

      1. Citlaly Robredo