VLOG: My 2019 Christmas Decorations

Kylie Jenner

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    Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I love making my house festive for the holidays. Join Stormi and me as we take you on a home tour and share our holiday decorations.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

    Xo Kylie Jenner

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    1. Kenzie & Alex Show

      Kylie: really SiMpE The tree : am I a joke to you?

    2. Isabella González Guevara

      I am in the 2021

    3. Food With Me

      Purchased !!!!😎😀

    4. qtkendricks A

      All Stormi wanted to see was the Burgens from Trolls but she got a whole house instead

    5. Genecie luna

      When a baby is get a all the stuff she wants me telling my parents I get 20 dollars for Christmas the say no

    6. Gala Rojo

      Alguien de aqui habla español ?

    7. B


    8. Krisha Chand


    9. Gamer Boy01

      Get that doorbell disconne🔔cted

    10. Mwara Elizabeth

      Oh I could live in that house 😄☺️

    11. sɪʀɪ ᴄʜᴀɴᴅʜᴀɴᴀ

      Omg this is so cute 🥺

    12. Thu trang Nguyen

      Who is a person wearing a red dress, I don't know

    13. Purp Hummus

      This huge beautiful tree is Kylie's idea of simple , I just love her ♥️

    14. Giuseppe Miceli


    15. Nicoll

      You And your daughter is soo beautiful

    16. batouul

      How Stormi said „ho ho ho ho“ melted my heart 🥺

    17. It's Aphfro

      Im here in 2021 and I honestly can’t wait for Christmas

    18. sweet.butterfly

      Stormi is so cute💜

    19. Manuela Maria Falla Alcala

      8:16 LMAO kris is so funny

    20. Armenian_Girl

      oh dear they are so cute together. i like it :)

    21. viii dii

      0:58 "I did my decorations very simple this year"

    22. Wilkins

      here for stormi😍

    23. meow noir

      I feel extremely poor

    24. Edithajulius Balagtas

      fact: you didn't search this up.

    25. Tiffany

      Stormy is like so lucky I wish I was her cousin because me and her would have a cousin day that would be really fun hey Kylie Jenner can you do it episode of stormy and her cousins

    26. syer

      literally my childhood dreams lol

    27. Megan Oo

      Stormi is the best attraction of your channel😻

    28. Rashi Anand

      The playhouse that i use to get couldn't even fit my dumb small fingers in it and then there's that

    29. Swetha Durai

      Everything in that little house cute but stormi yeahh fire🔥

    30. Swetha Durai

      Kylie all the girls need is what ur hair care things apart from ur bc life

    31. Alice Chen


    32. Shea Collins

      This warmed my heart!!!!!!!!!!

    33. Fcy 2001

      Did she just said simple😂

    34. E Ler


    35. Voidital

      Stormi: b-b-b-Birkin! Kylie: she said the birkins

    36. Laila Cele

      Did anyone els see Travis scott

    37. Nr Pt

      I think the reason stormi has great vocab is because kylie never babytalks her. She always talks to stormi normally.

    38. Tlycia.plays.Roblox

      and I bright my Christmas tree was big

    39. Annette Nguyen

      When Kylie said "I have a surprise for you." and Stormi said "Birkin." I was surprised that she knew what was a Birkin Bag.

    40. •vhar offc•

      "ReAlLy SiMpLe" Yeah i know really simple😇

    41. bani bhattacharya

      Sometimes work is better than investment

    42. Sabrina Medina

      Oh my God Stormi so cutte.

    43. Unai Corraliza

      "Get that door bell disconnected" LMFAOOOOO

    44. E

      “We’re gonna get that doorbell disconnected” 😂

    45. Yalir Charlotte

      Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah nada

    46. Qarina Chaudry

      Kylie: hi baby Stori:shuts the door on her

    47. FrenxhvanillaVEVO

      Those are some cute polar bears ❤️ Kylie can I have them 😂 I can’t find any like those anywhere

    48. shinee kashyap

      God they are born rich 💕

    49. colorchangingsoup

      2:57 who tf was that in the mirror

    50. Noe Florez


    51. Emcie

      That kid is just an accessory to her lmao

    52. ken

      stormi is so cutee💓🥺

    53. Meathead


    54. da ledez

      Hermosa mansión 😍

    55. Noe Florez


    56. Noe Florez

      💗❤💖💕😍 Love you kylie Jenner 🌷🌹

    57. Lunaapriliani didjaya

      Lucuuu bgt argh

    58. Samreen Agha

      Stromi as 2yr old:giant playhouse Me as 6yr :giant box

    59. G0thd3buils

      hosue tour holmby hills please

    60. ~Lucy_Chan~

      Your baby's cute.

    61. Ibrahim Ibrahim.hoxha

      hi kyli love

    62. Fidgets n’ roblox

      How did you fit your tree in your house

    63. Juliana Lima


    64. usama vlogs

      My love❤️

    65. sudesh fernando

      Just one single kid gets everythingggg , every comfort in the world even more than she needs .. just hope you all will share at least a bit of it with the kids who doesn’t even have a house , not a playhouse 😅 bless you

    66. Apichai Prongjai

      So warm 🥺🤍

    67. Sharon fox

      I want you to do a house tour

    68. Payel Sarkar

      Your. Baby girl is so cute ❤️

    69. Alexia Suazo

      Mala feísima bruta se las creídas solo por ser rica

    70. Jennifer d'andrea


    71. Mariela Loor


    72. Gune Lego

      Luckiest child in this world🙂

    73. Iman Shalom01

      jay wheeler 27/////////////5 ...

    74. Yolines Torres

      why is stormi's tiny home better then my real home D:

    75. Eva Olivia

      Diljeet dosanjh

    76. yuh

      kris 2021: I love u stormi Get that doorbell disconnected AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    77. Dipanwita Sarma

      I want 🙄one tree

    78. Bawi

      Stormi is so cute

    79. Stormi is the ⬇️ Comment on what u think stormi is Mine is stormi is the sweetest

    80. Jannah Zahratul

      Kylie i love u so much ur the best I am a big fan and not trying to be rude but... ur kinda truning stormi to A little spoil when she grows up of course she's gonna do the same thing get spoiled and I think I am kinda being rude but I am very very sorry sorry I am so sorry

    81. zane phillips

      If thats her simple how big is her going all outt

    82. Matilda Plays


    83. natälia_

      omg stormi is so cute 💗😊

    84. Cynthia Rafferty

      She's the cutest lil baby ever

    85. Naima

      imagine you want to get a birkin but your mom and grandma gets you a house instead🙄

    86. KYLIE


    87. bren1.0

      No entiendo ni mergas pero las amooo 💕💕💕💕

    88. Alina Martinez

      her "simple" Christmas tree is my normal sized tree😂

    89. 3puttlife Society


    90. Isah Queirozz

      bem humilde né mores

    91. Anne Lim

      Watching From The Philippines 🇵🇭

    92. チャンナ伯爵

      I'll be waiting for you two to make some asmr videos

    93. Lucy

      Min. 1:56 Kylie: Not me, Santa Me: aHem

    94. Stefani Sales


    95. Stefani Sales


    96. Zaleha Zahoor

      Imagine being picked as kylie jenners door

    97. Belowthevoid

      Did stormi just say "birkins"??? this kid knows whats up

    98. Guadalupe Jaramillo


    99. White Wind

      Yeah real simple...🙄 Nice though