Kylie Jenner

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    I'm taking you inside the world of Kylie Cosmetics to celebrate the relaunch of my brand. In Part One of my three-part series we're taking it back to where it all started... from Lip Kits to Kylie Cosmetics!

    Part 2 coming soon...

    The new Kylie Cosmetics launches July 15 at 9am PST on ...

    Michael D. Ratner

    OBB Pictures

    Kylie Jenner
    Kris Jenner

    Scott Ratner
    Kfir Goldberg
    Raquel Dominguez

    Arlen Konopaki
    Andy Mininger


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    1. Keonna

      Culture appropriation

    2. Lolita Babyblue

      What a Fake plastic liar 🤡😂

    3. Tyra Diola

      Love how Kris told Kylie to use her own money that she’s earned and that Kris didn’t just spoil all her kids rotten. Yes they had a head start and a massive advantage but they earned their own money and work hard for it.

    4. Alexandra García Camayo

      El comentario en español que buscabas


      She's an inspiration

    6. Gloria kook

      Kylie being the best mom

    7. Keper Charger

      My name is Kylie Plastic Jenner

    8. katina ina

      a great mom & a boss bitch damn the power this woman has , QUEEN , shoutout to all queens out there

    9. guia calag

      "Who are you" 😂

    10. Reem Alhamly

      What lipstick? And lip liner is Kylie using????? On her white suit

    11. Hana


    12. Sagarika Som

      Thank you Kylie mam

    13. Kog Kat

      Kylie can u do my make up? ❤️ i love u so much❤️😻

    14. Tedra's Squad

      Oh my god my favourite colour is pink toooo

    15. Julian Mitchell

      She looks likes she’s fucked her lips up tho what a shame

    16. Sunny _Sunset

      OMGG stormi is so cute✨✨✨🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖

    17. aceboi 16

      Hi kylie I love makeup and I just want to be like you

    18. Death God


    19. Sonaly Tarazona Cumapa

      Por en inglés y no español

    20. Natasha for Christ

      God I’m sorry for judging this girl. Kylie Jenner is the same age as me, and I’m sorry for being so selfish. She is very sweet and looks like a good friend to have as well as a hard working, smart and very creative woman. Although life takes us different routes, at the end of the day, we’re all human and we all make the world brighter with our own unique lights. Kylie you’re a beautiful girl and I’m sorry for being jealous a few days ago, you are amazing. Truly. 💗💗

    21. Sara S.

      Will never buy any of her products. These woman profit off of people's insecurities and market themselves in a false way. We need a new era of authenticity. Instead of, fill your face till you dont even know who you are. Maybe one day these women will get that.

    22. Teresa Baxter

      Kylie is an inspiration and example of a young person with an idea and a dream, young people think real hard of what it is that you want out of life and work real hard to achieve your dream.

    23. Kylie clips

      Hey guys! Do subscribe my channel for more videos of Kylie😍

    24. Sonia Das

      I really like Kylie..she is so confident,,the way she carry herself is just wow 🤩

    25. Carlos Rivera

      I love yhuuuuuu

    26. kake 9

      No comenten en ingles

    27. Марета Хамхоева

      People: Oh ,she just born in billionaires family that’s why she’s successful. God there are a lot of children from rich families who do nothing and become nobody,I thing she deserves much more respect

    28. Laquita Phelps

      Kylie looks great as always team Leo's forever 💜

    29. Mel Mello


    30. Native Mind 0311

      I wonder how many surgeries she had to get to look like a girl?

    31. MarianaGalo

      I love Kylie but if she didn't have the right connections and the money, she would be working on minimum wage job. I mean, who starts a company at 17 JUST with high school done?????? Only already wealthy people. Good for her, truly, but stop saying she works hard when all she does it's saying yes or no to future projects at Kylie Cosmetics while the ACTUAL licensed workers who should be in her place does all the work...

    32. ♡︎lah♡︎

      Kyllie adopts me i wish you were my mother

    33. ♡︎lah♡︎

      Kyllie me adota

    34. Angelina Gill

      Am i the only one who came back to see if she has a bump

    35. Hey Hey

      Hiding her pregnancy here

    36. filmyholic Kylie Jenner pregnancy reveal

    37. Justine Lavell

      I love how much of a great mum she is,I think it definitely sHow's in how great stormi is

    38. Gods Girl

      Genius business

    39. Gods Girl

      Glad she turned her insecurities into a business

    40. Gods Girl

      Her lips don't look too much diff from Kendall's

    41. Olivia

      She sounds and looks more and more like Kim every day

    42. Jessica Miller

      i got goosebump

    43. Sriraj Rajendran

      Why the fuck they all do shitty cosmetic surgery 🤮🤮🤮

    44. preeti kukreti7

      Kelly Jenner 👄has amazing shape

    45. Nooush

      Wow! I wish I had a mom like Kris Jenner🤍

    46. the goldenbowl

      This is really really interesting ... She has the smarts of her dad...because he thinks didactically like congrats and for being just 17... That's impressive ...who would have thought this girl is as sharp as a sword 🗡️

    47. Om Kanwar

      She is the best 🤍🤍🤍🤍

    48. cami la trueno

      I love cometics kylie

      1. cami la trueno

        I like you makeup and clothes

      2. cami la trueno

        Because it's pretty

    49. Jack Ryan

      Do not live in fear. Listen to the heart; love and appreciation is all that matters everything else is an illusion.

    50. Elkin Portillo

      I love all the Kardashians and Jenners

    51. Irak Li

      Tfu f


      She is so pretty I love her😍😘😍😘💋💕

    53. lele diamondasmr

      I love kris

    54. Joe Biden Plus Prevegen

      Such Stuck up person. Good mit hubby when re re ain't there for stormi...

    55. Konul Ibrahimova

      Ымрщьрмвщрмармкмрьщьмщркщрмтащрмьащрмьащрмтщртмпртмщмтщптщмтмщрщмотармщтащомттщпмщмтащомщртмащомрщтмзрьхц9жузбубщшкктшвкщцщжв шиу

    56. arooj tahira

      she looks stunning with all surgeries

    57. Aranza Balcázar

      I’m crying bc I’m proud of her 🥺

    58. jessica garrett

      Hi Kylie Jenner love you Kylie Jenner and kris Jenner and I’m so sorry to hear about that she was bullied in school and she is so beautiful and amazing person and she will have my support and love ❤️ no matter what you do for us as well and always and you are my favorite person on the ILproject channel as in general and love Stormi and Travis

    59. Catarina Cruz

      Te amo Kylie

    60. Rylie James

      So is it good that I have big lips 👄 because I do have big lips 👄 so is it good my mom says it’s good 😊 so tell me because I don’t know

    61. BELIEBER


    62. mia Lee

      Hi Kyle I'm really upset with the lip gloss it's too over price and it drys up in secs I will never buy your lip gloss again

    63. Cez Roldan

      Her face looks so fake now... She is naturally beautiful but I bet come 30yrs old she will be another botched plastic surgery.

    64. Sophia Gilgen

      She is so amazing

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