What's In My Bag

Kylie Jenner

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    It’s been almost two years since I did my last “What’s In My Bag” video and I’ve seen you guys requesting this video for a while, so I wanted to take you guys inside my closet to show you the must haves I take everywhere with me!

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    1. Bristi Pal

      I came here again just to read comments 😁

    2. Adil Aliyev

      everything is Kylie 😂

    3. Gianna Gonzalez

      I just love how Kylie is such an amazing mom and so nice.

    4. Jerome Gamble

      this is an add

    5. None

      Which blush and lip is she wearing?

    6. Betsy Luevano

      I think my favorite part was knowing she had a little plushie in her purse that she takes wherever she goes just for the sole fact that it makes her happy 🥺💕

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      Thank you very much for the share. I don't have a good idea. I haven't buy anything yet. I am so glad I found my favorite bag on the *LVGUS* website.


      She is advertising amazingly I mean how someone advertise their product in the wht's in my bag session 👏

    9. Leyloon Jewelry

      How come you don't have any jewelry or Travel Jewelry Bags? You have to have one! Contact me so I'll send you one. 💝

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      Loving this video! Can you do a video comparing different LV bags? :D I been struggling to decide which luxury bag to get. I am currently shopping URL: *xrepbag* which offers you so many choices !!

    11. July._.

      ¿Alguien aqui que ve,pero no sabe ni un poquito lo que dise? Jajaja 😂

    12. it's me Arial

      Her bags is so expensive and cute



    14. Mehak Rasul

      Pls do what’s on my iPhone and house tour love u 😍

    15. Naz Shams

      I dont knw why i am.watching this 3rd time, 3 days in a row..thr is somthing catchy

    16. Aesth Babe

      She has a full on makeup store in her bag.

    17. Claud Claud

      This was basically an 8 min infomercial for her products. Such a typical Kardashian

    18. Naz Shams

      Kris jenner? Not ur mom

    19. Amie-lee D

      "I have my wallet cause I'm an adult....oooo my scrunchies" 😄😄😄

    20. Mariella Bautista

      I request House tour or walking closet like this if u agree👍

    21. Sakshi Shukla

      Her bag is actually 2 in one like it's a bag of a mommy and a business women🤍

    22. Naz Shams

      U leave all these materials back once u die...u go alone to graveyard...sad yaah

    23. Danti Rahma

      Eweh translatean 😭

    24. Danti Rahma

      Te ngarti ngomong naon 😭

    25. warda saeed

      Weird how i heard some people say to Muslim women that how can they were niqabs (face covering) and not choke in it.... look at where the world has come...

    26. Sidrah Vagher

      we made her rich.. we all shld make her realize whatever she is cux of us (people)

    27. Duddus

      I looked up how to make chicken parm and this video was top of the search results.

    28. Helen Fabi15

      Kylie me tira do Brasil por favor 😰😭

    29. Alegz


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      What a great video. so happy to meet you. love your style and the way you talked.I just have no desire for anything during this covid-19 period. You just light my fire into life. And I really admire your life.And want the stuff you've collected. I am a super fan of luxury handbags/wallets, i started to collecting the lv bags *lvgus* since feb of last year. And I just got mine package of lv wallets from there.Everything there seems to be same as the authentic but cost 150 bucks only. love it so much.don't give up creating content. Keep going to get better. Your channel will be known soon in God's grace:)

    31. Nezuko Heart

      Bags, bags, omg bags. I love bags, witch is true; I have five purses. And I can’t wait to get some more!!

    32. Clara Villareal

      Normal gum things

    33. Anonymous Sisters

      idol !

    34. holly lynn

      It's a wonderful life

    35. jessica garrett

      Hi King Kylie love you Kylie Jenner and love Stromi and Travis and love those beautiful hand bags in your large collection coolest and love ❤️ the videos and you have my support and love ❤️ no matter what you do for us as well and always and you are so beautiful and nice and lovely and cute 🥰 and you are my favorite person on the ILproject channel as Kylie Jenner

    36. liv

      ur so rich it makes me cry

    37. Stacy Mills


    38. Tamara Sento


    39. Tamara Sento


    40. Kristi Bergman

      Such a gorgeous handbag! 😍

    41. John DeNardo

      Kylie these are my glasses of the day Me are u blind

    42. Lilay matibay

      A fortunate one you have everything in this word beauty. Wealth,everything thing. Me my collection is only a photo.

    43. lvgus com

      Congrates on so many subscribers! Great as always.I love that bag. love your videos.But money is tight right now so I can’t afford it at the moment. I want it so bag though. Maybe 1 day soon.I am a super fan of luxury handbags/wallets, i started to collecting the lv bags *lvgus* since feb of last year. And I just got mine package of lv wallets from there.Everything there seems to be same as the authentic but cost 150 bucks only. love it so much.don't give up creating content. Keep going to get better.

    44. Pamela Williams

      Advertising ( can’t be mad) No mask- my choice👀👋🏾

    45. M Catherine W

      I love her watch, I know that's not KYLIE.

    46. Wildcherry116

      I guess it's just coincidence that everything she had in her purse was Kylie cosmetics or her sister Kim skims collection 🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. lvgus com

      Your handbag collection looks incredible. I have just bought my first designer bag *lvgus* and I really love the color and size.

    48. Victoria

      Hi Kylie

    49. Britt 2005

      This isn’t about what’s in her purse it’s an entire 8 minute advertisement of Kardashian products. All they think about is money.

    50. chiara corasiniti

      Kylie is my president

    51. joydarling314

      Why does she call her mom Kris Jenner? Weird

    52. AL

      Every bag of Kylie Jenner Fits her so Much.

    53. Angelina M

      I feel that I'm looking at Kim's face cut and pasted.

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      Can bloggers post more videos? I have fallen in love with you from the beginning of the video, you are so grounded, I swear I can listen to your conversation all day long I like your collection, I also have some copies of URL: * xrepbag* and I look forward to developing my collection like you I can’t wait to see more videos and your works

    55. Anna Kanku Ntambue

      i love the karjenner family

    56. Deniz kantere


    57. Avinanda Chatterjee

      Please give me perfume..

    58. Papas_dior

      That’s nice and all but like you don’t have a taser or pepper spray with you as self defense

    59. Iya Christher

      Please do a whole closet tour!

    60. honeyxßear

      Her thumbnail looked like she was a doll

    61. Akenn Goe

      She’s always about her business! 😍😍❤️

      1. Nat Ju

        OH WOOOOW... #ironyoff

    62. Y X

      I love how she calls her mom kris Jenner 😂

    63. Alisa Riveros

      sa bukur do të bëhesh sërish nënë, urime keili

    64. AHAD AZEEM

      What about the rest of the bags ...😉

    65. Antonella T

      Omg, A Kylie commercial!!! What a turn off…..

    66. Amanda Thomas

      I wouldn't want to be a billionaire! All tho some money would be nice and live comfortable. How bout the huge diamond on my finger

    67. ccherryjoo

      bro i literally thought the thumbnail was an edit-

    68. Fnchp

      KYLIE written on the mask :You’ll never know it’s me

    69. simply-angie

      Guys stop saying that Kylie's mask has her name on it, She has started to sell masks as well so anyone can wear it.

    70. Oswald Picazo

      Ok I want your whole closet -.-

    71. Kamakshi Vij

      10 million find this video interesting

    72. Sophia Cook

      You'r wallet looks full😳

    73. strwxiria

      omgggg :(

    74. Cloud sugar 27

      This world is so shallow. Ick.

    75. Ariana Benavides

      I love u Kylieeeeeeeeee

    76. Ariana Benavides

      Kylie: he’s in my other house in my closet. Me: he’s in the bathroom because there’s no space in my room.

    77. Aga Kamińska

      Ik that it has been almost a year but does anyone know what camera is it @ 2:03??

    78. alxgriz

      bruh she's so rich that she doesn't even need ads 🤚

    79. Loes Balt

      Wait what about the cute little stuffed pea beans

    80. G. Q3

      It’s like watching her own advertisement with all her products. Didn’t finish the video, I find it so boring and so self conceited.

    81. 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓻𝓪


    82. 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓻𝓪

      Ilove you kylie 💗💗💗💗


      kylie we need foundation and concealer!

    84. Malinki Gupta

      Is this an advertisement for Kylie Cosmetics ??

    85. Reniesche

      She's so boring. Just promo for her stuff all the time, no personality or anything outside business whatsoever. She's doing great and ofc this is why but it's getting old. Sad bc I loved the Kardashians before they became walking ads

    86. Aanchal Thakur

      Kylie you're fuk....rich SO SHUT THE FUC UP 😥😥😥

    87. Naureen 4justice

      Has anyone thought about the next life? Life after death? This life is not the real life.

    88. Naureen 4justice

      Trust me…. You don’t need a bag as an investment.

    89. Kim WiSsou

      هدي شنطه او خزانه

    90. Veronika Bezdolnaya

      Let the kid have her privacy

    91. Khushbu Sheikh

      Background is so pretty and unbelievably lavish that it almost look like she is standing in front of green screen thing.

    92. Sarah Uzair

      Its like an expensive, unreliable commercial.

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      Darling. Thanks for sharing. My fiancé surprised me with a small Louis Vuitton bag cross body strap@ lvgus.com , and I realized it goes with any outfit and it just looks so elegant!


      if i own a cosmetics i will be like her , hats of kylie

    95. Tarun Siloy

      Why she need bag??

    96. Mishu

      Just amazing ✌️❤️

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    99. Damien Hamlin

      Wow you really stuffed your bag with all of your own product placement….we aren’t dummbbb