Rating My Halloween Costumes

Kylie Jenner

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    I'm going through my favorite Halloween costumes from previous years and rating them out of 10, and giving you guys a little background behind each one. I love looking back at these looks. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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    1. Sofia Flowers

      Evryone: her butterfly story is so cute Me: she. Not. Saying. Arial. Right.

    2. Shivsankar Tripathi

      Kylie Jenner mam you are just awesome

    3. BlakeJ

      She said she fit into the actual models set…don’t those models wear a size small…

    4. خالد العنزي


    5. anime _man_simp 11

      I think my favorite costume Kylie's done is probably the bunny the fairy and Ariel and Marilyn

    6. Hannah Cadena

      Amen Hallelujah that's right 😲 😔 |


      She is just so gorgeous 🧿♥️😭

    8. Keisha Tripathi

      when does she not go all out?

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    10. Malley Villarreal


    11. Game Gaming

      The Barbie was my favourite. 😌😌😌

    12. 🌈 RAINBOW LOVE


    13. Nuri Gunicen

      i am only 8 . You are the best

    14. GAH

      the snow queen one was definitely a 10 out of 10

    15. Let's Play

      Love you Stromi is so cute

    16. The Health and Fitness TV

      Top 5 Halloween Outfits 2021 For Women constantshoppers.com/top-5-halloween-outfits-2021-for-women/

    17. Anum Zehra Qureshy

      In every look she just has fun 😂

    18. Manuel Ortega


    19. Holly Jaymes

      This hair color on Kylie is everything!!!

    20. Rebecca Contreras

      Omg plan me a party kylie

      1. Ishika Jain

        Um she ain’t a party planner

    21. darkfer

      nossa gnt,a Kylie é mt linda mds

    22. javier wilson

      who else rewatching this video just cause lol😭

    23. Morita Sari

      Basically..I think she is the most soft spoken, calm and hv clear vision in her life among other clan, decision to change her look is really helping her, if that's helps no problem do it, as long as u hv the money and the result is damn good....hehehe...

    24. Mik3 Ang3l Productions

      does anyone know why is it that every time I open my ILproject browser on my computer it always takes me to this video?

    25. Dani

      I don't celebrate Halloween if u want a reason just ask

      1. Sushii


    26. Hajar Nasef

      She is sooooo cute 🥺❤

      1. javier wilson


    27. Matthew T Crane

      Hey beautiful! Kylie is my dream lady.

    28. Lesedi_Motsemonnye

      Wow kylie seriously got a glow up

    29. New Left

      Her life, style, everything is so boring.

      1. New Left

        @H. Fernsby I'm rich.

    30. Newness

      God I’m HEAVEN, the only God that exist, don’t want you to celebrate Halloween. King James Version Bible Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon Leviticus 19:28 You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord.Don't act how people of this world act, but instead be an imitator of Christ. (...respect parents to live on the promise land). Listen to God’s people when they talk to you and send you a message from God don’t push them away or you’ll sin and won’t make it to heaven. 1 Timothy 2:9-10 Also dress to respect God ALWAYS. And not to cause a man to sin. Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness-with good works. … Don’t cause someone else husband to sin with you; it’s sinning against God.

      1. Ishika Jain

        @H. Fernsby yeah he ain’t a person he’s a god

    31. Kanchana Kaushalya

      Im gonna give 10 out 10 for what ur wearing now! Its stunning.. Love it

    32. Kristina H

      All the throwbacks of when their body was SOOO much cuter all natural

    33. octi🐙

      Those nails...

      1. octi🐙

        There are extrodinery

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    35. Go glam with Tejasvi

      She needs Ed...?

      1. Ishika Jain

        You need meds

    36. Juan Diego pacheco

      hablas español? do you speak Spanish?

    37. Mao Lee

      Can you do a video of your birthday outfits throughout the year?

    38. xXLisaXx

      I always thought that halloween outfits have to be scary 😂 love u Kylie 🥰

    39. Meathead


    40. romi༄

      Kylies got the calmest voiceeee

    41. nuta dunne

      my favourite is the last one because i love you and stormi so much and i can t wait to see you again in new Halloween🥺❤️

    42. Jendeukie

      If some of u guys kept hating her then this is what I'll say:U guys r just some jealous b*tch,And if u hate her then get out of here f*cking peace of sh*t(I'm too harsh but it's the truthU-U)

    43. Cumer Aqli


    44. Aleks Tumasevic


    45. Eklavay


    46. Jacey Odvil

      KYLIE U AND UR FAMAWI R MY IDOLLLLS ALSO kylie cosmetics should be kylie kosmetics

    47. babou salsa

      halloween is for the devil you shouldn't do it

      1. Ishika Jain


    48. Tallulah Bastida

      here those who are from Mexico

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    50. Princess Bubblegummmm


    51. professor hakase


      1. Anna

        What about her?

      2. Anna


    52. John Kipling

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    53. Luthando LuieyY

      3:23 she still has that picture

    54. fakhouri Alaai

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    55. Jessica Giles

      I am not a ILproject follower of anyone but I appreciate your honesty and kindness! I must say in a world fueled by faking it until you make it!!! Girl you have made it, and the fact that you thank your mom! You are everything!!!! Keep it up girl! “Bible”

    56. Siam

      All of your costumes are so cute! 🤍

    57. Danielle Almas


    58. Reauna Sims

      The fairy costume will forever be my favorite

    59. Seiminlen Kuki

      What happened to her foot?

    60. Brooklyn Paige Denton

      i love how you said this must to been kris jenner lmao 😂😂

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    62. Azuri Jackson

      I am your biggest fan


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    67. Anne Lim

      Watching From The Philippines 🇵🇭

    68. Mateusz

      Siema Kylie

    69. Ava

      kylie looks so good in orange

    70. Rifat Ahmed

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    71. Ayash Abdul Gaffar

      Marilyn Monroe was everything ❤️

    72. k0uryy ♡

      kylie looks so amazing with brown hair and orange outfit omg


      Holla Houbby Qui BOUNÎTTA

    74. Crazy Animal Lady

      Hah I stole Kindle’s birthday

    75. sxgurCookie

      I can't believe I have the same birthday as kendall jenner

    76. Maha Islam

      Am I really gonna do a photoshoot for Halloween? Of course I am!

    77. Abdalia Adderley

      "Life in plastic it's fantastic" of course Kylie Jenner had to do Barbie

    78. Monster Achayan


    79. Merima Redzepovic

      Covid is new species AIDS hhhaa

    80. xzuza_ azuzx

      she’s so cute and adorable 🥺😭 i don’t know why people hate her so much


      Who the fuck caress

      1. mykoto :3

        @MATT TRIANO 😂😂😂

      2. MATT TRIANO

        @mykoto :3 What a waste of your and my time! Thanks kid.

      3. mykoto :3

        @MATT TRIANO okay kid don't get angry 😂😭 I just found it ironic that u were making fun of the people who watch this video while you're one of them and also made several comments

      4. MATT TRIANO

        @mykoto :3 You've engaged a 2 month old comment. Before you responded to me I'd forgotten this video and the person in it even existed. What do you need from me to make you go away?

      5. mykoto :3

        @MATT TRIANO I- do you realize that you're one of them..😂 and u even took the time to write two comments

    82. KJ JOKER


    83. Alondra Chavez

      101 dalmatians... i have the same costume

    84. Lauren Hansel

      WHY IS EVERYONE SAYING "why is nobody talking about" lol

    85. Lauren Hansel

      so she is a youtuber now......

    86. chelsea roncancio

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    87. Leonita Ajvazi

      So iconic


      rate them 1 out of 10... whatttt

    89. Kari Rawlins

      I am so excited for your next video!!!!!! They’re all good videos I love your videos so much

      1. Kari Rawlins

        You’re so cool even my daughter watches you are we watch on Hulu

      2. Kari Rawlins

        The angel one is so cute I love it because I love angels and you are one

      3. Kari Rawlins

        So cute Kylie Jenner

      4. Kari Rawlins

        I love the butterfly one The Barbie one too lol

    90. Kari Rawlins

      I love your videos💖 Thank you for your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!

    91. Angel Angela

      Wow! I was thinking, “I bet she’s going to mean girl her way into lingerie “ 😆 I was kidding but it did get funny 😆 my favorite is 2017 those wings are beautiful ☺️

    92. George Lamar

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    93. Charlotte Emberhook

      Omg when I was a kid I went as Dorothy and my mom was the good witch.

    94. Mirani

      She's a ravenclaw

    95. Megan Mattson

      Are you 24

    96. Gi'Annah Bishop

      love all of them

    97. Alan Luu

      Barbie look all the way!

    98. Thug Life Tv


    99. Freda-J. Johansen

      my favorite are the XTina dirty costume & the Ariel, little mermaid,

    100. hello

      Her outfits: 6/10 , 8/10 , 7/10 , 2/10 *all her outfits with stormi: 10/10*