Kylie Jenner

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    In the second part of Inside Kylie Cosmetics, we take a look at how Kylie Cosmetics expanded beyond just Lip Kits and grew into something I always dreamed of. I also want to give you all a peek into what it’s like working with my mom and how she inspires me and my team every day. Stay tuned for part three, coming soon.

    The new Kylie Cosmetics launches July 15 at 9am PST on

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    1. Suck me toes

      But kids shouldn’t look up to her because they are only famous for plastic surgery and makeup and kids shouldn’t look at her stuff because she dresses inappropriate and kids shouldn’t think there pretty just because of makup

    2. Geeta Kumari

      0:58 interviewer: who are you? Kris: Kris Fuckin** Jenner 😎🤣

    3. Jorge Alberto Cardenas Rivera

      Tono ablo takataka jajajajaja

    4. Av. Westwood

      Let's be honest... the mane work is done by the photographers, the art directors, the people around her etc. etc. And she is just there like micheal jackson in the store: i want that, i want this, i don't like this, i don't like that 🤣 and of course all her team talks like kylie is doing the whole work 🤣🤣 and is SO CREATIV! 🤣 Such a joke! She had the money from the begin up to make and build things like this! She even lied about the forbes billionaire status!! THAT ALONE should tell you enough about her attitude! She wants people to think she is somebody that she is NOT! And then she acts like it's such a big thing that she works with a child! Come on!!! Ask your staff what real work with children is, because they can't just put everything aside when their kids need them..and they dom't have 3 nannys on the scene for everything. they probably show up to work anyway (even if the child is sick) and worry about them all day long.. it's such a joke how she potrays herself when she is doing the absolute minimum because she is the one with the money... 🤣🤣🤣

    5. Nelesha Broderick

      Okay Mama Jenner literally does not AGE😱😶😨 WHAT A BADA$$ BOSS BITCH MOM ❤️

    6. Skyler Stormie

      Kris Jenner is mom goals

    7. shivangi verma

      Bring on the hate but I gotta say this, all five daughters are masterpieces created by the genius and one and only Kris Jenner 🌟

    8. Tragic decline of music

      It doesn't matter how much money you have you can't buy class.

    9. Corrine Berkshire

      My favorite part is the strong women. She does inspire!

    10. Renamon

      It's great that she's built an empire, but I hate that they glorify overworking. It's not a personality trait or something to brag about. Get a life outside of work

    11. Skyla Nelson

      She is just a moooood she rlly said: kris f*CKING Jenner 😏

    12. m yxcvbnm

      Easy to say when your a millionare

    13. En el mar todo es felicidad 🌊

      Why Kris keep her ex last name...she is a strong woman, she should get back to her single last name

    14. poppy_rose

      Who’s here after they found out kylies preggos

    15. unicorn 🦄

      Stormi is really going to be a incredible girl Even now she is so small she is so well behaved and honestly kylie is a great mom ❤

    16. werqtys musik

      моя мама когда приходить ко мне в гости:

    17. Ikenya Gordon

      Stormi is so cute

    18. Olivia

      Why does she keep saying strong woman instead of women

    19. Mel Mello


    20. katie

      Kris Jenner Entrance 🔥

    21. Jen Spies

      Ya done stealing from me Jen spies n g-Eazy? U can't even sing from all ur plastic surgery! Real classy Kris I mean Madonna

    22. Cheikhouna Dieye

      baby kardashian love you all baby for wold g FBI cd @z@

    23. Cheikhouna Dieye

      kIss kriss maman g FBI cd @z@

    24. Cheikhouna Dieye

      kilie jenner angel i m resting for my tv loocking evade de lenfer i was see angel kIm emission E for prison loocking prisonIer and kardashian kIss love g FBI cd @z@

    25. 𝚂𝚑𝚎𝚛_𝚣𝚙𝚝 𝚟𝚒𝚍𝚜

      If thats my mother and im kylie jenner im to say Hi mamak jener

    26. Valbonaa Jahjaa

      She literally doesn't know what videos to make

    27. Valbonaa Jahjaa


    28. Hannah Sata Dumbuya

      Kris and Kim have d same eyes n way of talking

    29. Rush Peezi

      These are the videos I like... EMPOWERING YOUNG PEOPLE..

    30. fishy

      This is the most powerful video on the video .

    31. Jessica McDonald

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      I love you 😍😍😍

    34. Naa Logic

      Her parent did very well by supporting her

    35. Melly Chew

      0:08 the devil wears Prada vibes heheh

    36. Laura

      This video made me buy a lipstick from Kylie 😁.. Love the relationship between Kylie and her mama ❤️.

    37. Shantie Ange

      So amazing😍😍

    38. Klee

      7:53 💕

    39. Mary kate Cabrito

      U cant tell me that kylie is a bad mom. When she is a Good mom

    40. Artistic Anna

      I bursted out laughing at the music they played at the beginning showing Kris lol

    41. Lauren Ashley

      I love it

    42. Emma _itzzme

      0:01 so you are the wrong person for @lenasituations

    43. Zoe Ng

      Kris is such a gem. Honestly, as a woman for what she had to go through with her love life and doing it alone, I feel like she’s so misunderstood. So strong, yet people always think she’s like an intimidating force but she’s actually really emotional inside.

    44. Cristina Fusco

      Kylie is smart , she knew her audience and made a business out of it.

    45. Jessica Marte

      This whole video just convienes me that kris Jenner runs Kylie cosmetics

    46. XxxdarknessxX 89

      There is no time In. Heaven 😍 f you don't believe me count the min in hell ☝ |

    47. Roger Nelson

      The rapture will be a celebration for sure, but we are to look forward to it, yearn for it, and Christ did say be “worthy to escape.” 😇 |

    48. Leòn Mathilda

      I love the fact that Kylie talks to stormi as if she talked to an adult. This is what every parent should do

    49. ★ASMR★ ARMY

      Kylie talkin español?

      1. Valeria Garcia

        Hablas español tu?

    50. hobismochi

      Stormi’s like 3 or 4 but still looks prettier than me 😭

    51. Provocateur Cactus

      😳 but but but I understood, to get the Coty Inc. is an American multinational beauty company founded in 1904 by François Coty. With its subsidiaries, it develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, nail care, and both professional and retail hair care products. Coty owns around 77 brands as of 2018.

    52. Remixxx

      0:34 hahahahha

    53. viiont eooiy

      Kylie: “she has a lot of strong WOMAN to look up to”

    54. Andromeda Rose

      The fact that she says woman when she means women is bugging me lol

    55. Frannymar Barrera

      If you get it or not this is stormi’s World we just live in it

    56. Frannymar Barrera

      As the Chief said “we are gonna work for stormi’s brands” I’ve seen it

    57. Yara M

      This is so inspirational❤️❤️❤️ we want more

    58. Adriana

      Only know that people are truly attract ed to you with out make up aswell who ever you are, that's enough, it's what's in the heart that matter s not what mask we wear, and rest is very important aswell as work..also please know that people do burn out from doing to much and also having needs met for our life is sustainable...our riches won't save us in the end,and it's something that can ruin one sooner or later.luv of money is the root of many who don't like you for you are not for you.

    59. Marceliné

      okay, I'm actuat curious about the title of the Opera Song.

    60. Adriana

      Everyone has different capabilities no one needs to mimic anyone or work 18 hours a day.cause no one one really hardily does, .. marketing urself anything can be said about a business.

    61. Adriana

      A smart girl that works and makes money and has money doesn't sell her soul or her body on TV..

    62. Adriana

      Peoples lives are being directed by the devil thru the media and the ones he uses aren't always aware they are being used and he will use them to destroy others and the ones who are being used to do it...

    63. Adriana

      Apparently Americans are about feel good .look good and have the goods but they are miserable.this was said by a man in America who speaks alot to celebrities..

    64. Adriana

      Materialasm and greed is an addiction overlooked, and when people need to have stuff , it can be materlism or greed addiction that's overlooked at and people are addicts and that's the reason they need to keep going at it..

    65. Adriana

      Deception is a big part of this world

    66. Adriana

      How come Kylie Jenner don't respond to the u tube sucribers she has, ?

    67. Adriana

      Where do these products sell mostly am assuming USA ? As in the UK and Australia their not a sell out

    68. shirley thomas

      I almost cryed had a break down when I walked into the gym for the first time to have a look. 🍏🍀🍺🦃

    69. vbddfy euuyt

      Kris Jenner is the definition of a boss. So iconic. Kylie is another level as well. They don’t get enough credit for how much hard work they do.

    70. Maria Luisa Cavalcante


    71. King Joy's Fiance

      Lol 😆

    72. Frannely Nicole tiktok

      Kylie is very beautiful that God protect her a lot and that beautiful baby stormi

    73. Alice Erickson

      Lmao Kris…..

    74. Oksana Veliksar

      Я одна заметила надпись на русском на футболке Сторми "Кактус Джек"? :)

    75. Sugar Rebel

      I am not a fan of Kylie Jenner but watching this makes me feel that she is amazing and how much she achived at such a young age. She inspires me and thought me that anything can be achived if you believe in yourself. Luv ❤❤❤❤❤ u Kylie

    76. Ava R.


    77. kirk brown

      Kris Fxcking Jenner man ‼️‼️‼️‼️

    78. Sunny D

      Kris is the most legendary person in the world

    79. glittery_alice

      A meeting that lasts 8 hours, and get messages before waking up. It sounds like the perfect job.

    80. Green Envy

      This documentary is a LIE. She got lip injections, then lied and said her lips were caused by makeup. Then naive girls bought her makeup thinking their lips would look like her lip injections did.

    81. qopoy dnon

      Kris Jenner is the definition of a boss. So iconic. Kylie is another level as well. They don’t get enough credit for how much hard work they do.

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        I swear hes the cutest thing ever


      whoever had the idea for the intro is genius

    83. Sarah Cruz

      It’s been so long I didn’t even realize! I was at that mall when she was there and I went to the pop up shop when I was in high school bought my kit and still this day I wear that shade I had to buy it again so pretty 😭

    84. patra okelo

      That intro was a yessssss 😂😂😂😂

      1. qopoy dnon

        I would never buy anything from this bitch !!! Idiots keep making her rich

    85. Megan Larsen

      I fucking love Kris ❤

      1. kolim jone

        my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

    86. inzish siddiqui


    87. inzish siddiqui

      L O L

    88. Scarlet O’Hara

      This is why Kylie and Kris are my favourites (And Kim ofc but she’s not in this)

    89. Bianca louisse De rama

      Such an inspirational for me thankyou kylie 🤍

    90. Saff P

      Gotta have so much respect for Kris Jenner appreciating her mother like that 🥺

    91. epiphany stumbaugh

      i used to think kylie was a brat when she was a bit younger but when u really watch someone and pay attention to someones character instead of assuming things, your prospective changes a lot. shes grown a lot and not only in business but as a person and especially when she became a mom.

    92. eioshen boboi


    93. That's So Tayler


    94. Louise Villar

      I would take this documentary more seriously if some speakers weren't directly involved with the Kardashians

    95. heaven aguries

      Kris Jenner is probably the biggest boss of all time

    96. camrem martins

      I am seeing a tattoo in her arm! 1:45

      1. eioshen boboi

        The Halloween collection was one of my favorites. Can we please get an other one

    97. Nikita Doshi

      Why stromi is so cute...... They both together so cute

      1. wuoi zuiu

        Kylie: “she has a lot of strong WOMAN to look up to”

    98. Anais Martinez

      I would never buy anything from this bitch !!! Idiots keep making her rich