Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup

Kylie Jenner

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    Watch my mom do my makeup.

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    1. ahad abdelaziz

      well kiley l’m want kenny and kris please😩😩😩😩😩

    2. soravith Lor

      I so miss my mum😭😭😭

    3. Damaris Gaitan

      I love these two lol we need more mothers like Kris! You know she has no clue what she’s doing but she WILL make sure she promotes her daughters make up haha Kylie: Beautiful… mm hmm… it is very pretty… I’m impressed… Kris: you are????? Kris always wants to please her babies!!!

    4. Waruguru Ndambiri

      Mama’s last born

    5. Mary Fa

      6:04 every time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Inese Salaka

      Love the lipstick.

    7. Nafisa Ali

      aw their relationship makes me miss my beautiful mommy 🥺

    8. T

      This was genuinely PURE entertaintment😭😂 kris blowing on kylie's eye was too much😂😂😂

    9. Priya Lard

      Ooo myy god that was adorable

    10. conscience

      I love Kris cause she is EXACTLY like my grandma and we come form a VERY wealthy family so she matches her even more

    11. Tiana Fuller

      Love this look

    12. muskan barsaiyan

      Kris and Kylie are mother daughter goals❤❤💕💕

    13. Бибу Би

      6:04 😂😂😂

    14. Chie_Chie M

      😂😂😂😂😂 this video is so hilarious. This made my day. I love them 😍❤.

    15. Erica Wells

      Kris is so sweet, I adore how kind Kylie is to her mom.

    16. Imani

      Lol kris is so naturally funny

    17. Nathalie J. Faublas

      4:34 Kris adding makeup to her sweater 😂

    18. Emma M

      How do they make their hair so steady and silky and healthy settle?? Plz help

    19. Real Swag

      Jeez kris is funny 😭😭😭😭

    20. Real Swag

      6:46 kris is me when I think I’m able to do a math test by myself 🤣🤣

    21. Real Swag

      Kris is such a makeup artist 😂😂jeez

    22. Chase Phillips

      Kris Jenner must be protected at all costs! Literally love that woman

    23. Hana Chaelson

      Me: my mom demanded me money after I woke up from an accident for visiting me to a hospital in another island.

    24. Caren Jose


    25. jessica garrett

      Hi Kylie Jenner love you Kylie Jenner and love your mom so much more than ever and many more to come over and out and she is doing a wonderful job on your makeup on your face Kylie Jenner and she is a positive person in general and love ❤️ the video and I gave it a ten of ten and you have my support and love ❤️ no matter what you do for us as well and always and you are my favorite person on the ILproject channel as Kylie Jenner

    26. Tamara Sento


    27. Hannah McCoy

      Kris cannot do makeup and I find that to be so cute lol

    28. Ria Ward

      One day this will be Kylie anad Stormi

    29. Oh Keh

      Awwwwww cuties

    30. Oh Keh

      What phone is Kylie using? Which iPhone anyone

    31. Kimberley KARDASHIAN'S

      Thank's for likeing my cartoon image story telling. 😍😘

    32. Safa Qazizada

      Kylie you are my queen! 👑



    34. Morgan A

      Kris is the cutest 🥺🥺🥺

    35. Porrapark Marayat

      Kris is soooooo cute!! I want her to do my makeup too!!!

    36. Tarek Salman

      Helo amirika

    37. Tasha Naz 2020

      The fact .. they are really one of us😂 when come to makeup ..

    38. Leah Melton


    39. vincent grondin

      "Your face is so pretty" "Thanks, the surgeon did it" PS: her face is even not pretty, a random brunette.

      1. Dara Funna


    40. vincent grondin

      Kardashians voices and fake faces are the reason Bruce became a cheap shaddy fake diva. A bad environment leads to disasters.

    41. samruddhi dabhekar

      Oh god i need a mom like her🥲🙂

    42. Mozhgan Sobhani

      I personaly hate to have a lot of make up on my face

    43. Patricia Hamilton

      Poor Kris, you can see that kris doesn’t watch Kyliés tutorial makeup. Love from France

    44. B K

      Kylie you are a beautiful soul

    45. Andrea Owens

      My mom doing my makeup: “We really need to cover up your eye bags and double chin. Your forehead is too narrow but at least everyone will be focused on your fine stringy hair. I wonder how Katina does her makeup, she always looks so pretty.”

      1. Andrea Owens

        Criticize, put down, compare. That’s my mama. 47 years old and I STILL hear her in my head on the daily. These ladies are so incredibly lucky to have a supportive encouraging mother. It shows through in each video and she has raised good kids.

    46. Volya Descartes

      I love this video. Kris: i just need to learn how to bake 😄

    47. Yudith Esteban Asencios

      La amoooo

    48. Dani Setiawan

      I just watch mom and their daughter

    49. A R

      Kris please do my makeup 😍😍 Good job mama!

    50. Bella Ela


    51. Mia Thomas_!!

      “Glamorous day time” so cute how that’s what it’s called 😂❤️

    52. Eva Moeng

      Do a video of GRWM with Hailey Bieber

    53. Eva Moeng

      Kris Jenner should be a makeup artist

    54. Whisky Maniac

      Chris is so cute I can't.


      Orange lipstick? 🧡🧡🧡

    56. Tammey Lee

      Love the lip design iam looking now 😍

    57. Elisha Sailor


    58. Angie Jo

      Kyle definitely got some new cheeks!! Wow they are out there ..

    59. LingaLu

      What a power duo!

    60. Dalila Bucci

      I love you kylie 😍😍😍😍

    61. Elsje Hirst

      Wow mooi!!!!

    62. supanuch

      kylie: it helps because we were mask kris: 👁👄👁 am i a joke to you?

    63. Ritu Ashraf

      My mom also did my makeup in my childhood.

    64. rodolfo cabuslay

      Her mom is old now but still look flawless and young

    65. Lindy Claire C. Elnar


    66. heather lynsey

      We’ve ALL had to use the “ok well dont look yet” while doing someones makeup or hair 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

    67. ibu dolanan

      can't stop laughing watching them 🤣🤣🤣

    68. PS4 Solutions

      You have a tiny lil buger Are you gonna clean it?

    69. Caleb Sewell

      Kris: You have cute eyes Kylie: Thank you, you made them! *plastic surgeon watching this* “and I took offense to that”

    70. Aniah Edwards

      Kris 🥺 “does that hurt” such a mom thing to say so cute ☹️❤️

    71. noori fatima

      I think the lipkits were a really creative idea never been seen before it just makes it so convenient for the user to outline and fill the lips with the same colour and texture....whatever business mind she might have behind it but it definitely is a good idea can't deny she is creative

    72. Shreya Singh

      Is it just me or in of the tutorials/ makeup video the before and after is almost the same???

    73. Theodora. Katherina

      Good, shadow skil,..very cool..thank mommy🌸🌺

    74. Shravya Ramesh

      makeup on makeup. okay.

    75. Becky Ranjel

      Me and my mom used to do the same stuff and laugh and have sooo much fun....I haven't had this kind of fun since she guys made me laugh! That is rare for me. I miss my mom

    76. sweets

      I LOL a few times. Thanks 😂

    77. Adriansyah Saputra

      Stormi webster : My mom does my make up

    78. melody of nature

      I love your mama make up so light so you very very simple u look more young. Baby face look

    79. brenda masley

      LMAO when your make artist says OOOPS...... 🤣😂🤣✌

    80. Simran Bhatti

      How kris doning her makeup they seems normal family.

    81. mymikonons


    82. PH BELO

      3:19 Kylie: mãe porque você colocou aqui? Kris: É uma técnica nova!! Kylie: 👁👄👁🤣

    83. Add Person

      OK, Don't get me wrong but I think that kylie looks better and more natural with makeup by Kris FYI i would totally buy from a kris jenner makeup brand

    84. Ray Ray Ray

      Kris Jenner seems so fun, I wish I was her friend.

    85. Weshare styles

      She has make up fr the start. So fake. The relationship, the face...everything. And being like 23 and so obsessed with make up..she needs help.

    86. Merlyn Ang

      Please make more Videos with your mother you two are so Cute Together...🥺🤎🤍❤️

    87. Tarah's Window

      I felt her pain every step of the way lol but this was a great way to advertise

    88. Dibina Dinakaran CZM

      She is sitting like a mommy's good girl🥰🥰 Luv this bond

    89. serios elit

      Wow excellent make up

    90. Liezil Duse

      To have a moment like this with your mom (A MOMENT TO REMEMBER) You are so blessed

    91. Briania Callen

      Where can I find a phone case similar to Kylie’s one?

    92. Diane Biava Da Rosa

      Love the kylie her it's cool

    93. shengri_la

      Idk why but Kris Jenners energy in this video reminds me of the mom in Edward scissorhands esp when Edward had cut her hair super short lol they’re so cute!

    94. Rhonda Hood

      Don’t quit your day job Chris. Lol. This is hilarious. And cute

    95. אוריה אוריה

      I don't know why But it's just adorable and cute

    96. אוריה אוריה

      "Mommy" God it's so cute

    97. Shannon Smith

      Kylie is starting to look like blac chyna.

    98. angxlpunch

      Tbh Kylie is my favorite from the Kardashians or jenners whatever and with all the success she has she could be mean and bratty but from what I see she's really cute might be on of my favorite celebs

    99. Yamini John

      Kris is hilarious

    100. Reece Mietas

      Kris really enjoying this 🤣